Reason Why People Prefer Texas Holey Rock For Aquariums

By Debra Bell

A lot of ambiguity exists in the subject of aquariums and just how to make the best out of the aquascape. Dealing with these fish containers requires one to have vast knowledge of how to stack coral and stones in them. A Texas Holey Rock for Aquariums is commonly used because it is not affected by the pH of water. Having this knowledge is important in creating the best possible decorative tank in an enclosure.

Perhaps you are wondering why honeycomb limestone is the best stones use in aquascaping. The stone is made up of carbonate compounds and dolomite which, over thousands of years, accumulate in the interior of the earth. With time, the earth movements and fractures enable them assume a honeycomb appearance. In addition, natural water forms solutions with sulfurous compounds in these rocks to create scattered chambers within them.

The good qualities of limestone have been known beyond Texas boundaries. People from far and wide have come to see the benefits of using it in an aquarium. Shipping it becomes an imperative solution to those outside Texas. The cost of transporting them across the border depends highly on the location. However, for those living in Austin, shipping them to the desired location does not cost more than thirty dollars per carriage.

For cichlid breeders and aquarium enthusiasts appreciate these stones. This affection is owed to the fact that fish find safe havens in the crevices and holes in them. Furthermore, honeycomb limestone is light and makes it easy to handle. With the wide spectrum of sizes they come in and the endless latitude of background they can blend in, it makes one have different blend of colors to bring out the desired decorative effect.

Putting the correct sizes of the stone in a tank becomes very challenging for those who lack the experience. According to experts, one pound of it is enough in a volume equivalent to a gallon. Following this advice ensures that the fish has an extensive aquatic water to allow free movement. Having additional limestone makes it easy to change them to suit your preference. This takes away the monotony of one look.

The beauty of honeycomb stones renders them the best to use. Their bright color brings a sparkling effect to water most so under brightly lit containers. In hard water, disintegrated coral substrate has a white color that go well with limestone. Besides, coral substrates help a lot in raising the pH in the tank. The color of fish species should also be considered when selecting the pigment assumption of the rock to bring the perfect contrast.

It is very fundamental to find the right professional to contract when purchasing the stones. A considerable number of people complain about their fish exhibiting illnesses or in worst case scenarios, death. The origin of the rock can at times be the reason why a peacock fish may develop lethargy. Hence, ensure you clean them thoroughly before outing them inside the aquarium so that you rid them of contaminants.

Aquariums are very colorful. This creates beautiful scenery within an enclosed area. To increase the lifespan of the tank, ensure you stack the rocks aptly with glue to prevent them from crashing down. You may also use egg crates at the base to reduce the pressure on the glass.

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