Knowing Good Cheesy Pick Up Lines

By Rebecca Rogers

There are millions of people upon the planet who are always eager and willing to start a new romance with someone. This is the main reason why these individuals may use one of the cheesy pick up lines which are currently available. Walter knows all about this certain technique since he has been involved within the dating world for ages.

You remind me of my dear mother is one of his favorites quotes since this line will get him instant sympathy from unsuspecting females. Nearly every woman upon the planet loves a man who thinks the world about his mother. Once Walter uses this certain quote he can easily persuade any female to accompany him on a date.

His mom also taught him that the ratio of women within the United States is far greater than males. This is a very good thing for Walter to know since he will have less competition to deal with while living in a particular area. He knows how to treat each and every woman with respect and Walter will never do anything to harm a woman and this is really good. He likes to take them on simple dates which include dinner and dancing.

You smell as pretty as a rose is another famous quote by Walter whenever he is trying to attract a females attention. Many women love it whenever a man notices their perfume or other fragrance which is upon their skin. This is one man who has a great sense of smell and any exotic aroma will more than likely gain his attention.

A woman who is always looking for good looking men is named Dawn and she is very much like her counterpart Walter. The great lady known as Dawn tells men that their hair smells really great whenever she is close to them. Many men smile at her with delight since they are also very nervous about the way that they look and smell. The lucky lady is also looking for a mate who will take the time to take care of his facial features.

The shopping mall is really a great place to see people at their best and worst behavior. Dawn will view each and every male at this certain location in order to see how they react to situations. Sometimes she will write down this information within a notebook since it will help her to further analyze males.

It is important that her man looks decent in every possible way. On the other hand Buck likes to take a different approach when he is trying to meet girls. This twenty year old lad is still new at this game but he is getting better every day. Let us walk through this life together.

This statement is one of Bucks favorite quotes and it is a very interesting line. Some of the girls do not know how to react to this handsome young man once he has stated these words. On some occasions the young ladies will have to think very deeply about this quote before making a decision about Buck.

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