Useful Tips For A Reggae Fusion Artist

By Carl Stone

Being a musician nowadays can be a tough choice. However, if your heart has always been in this industry especially in this genre, then everything can be worth the risk. Besides, you have this article to keep you guided and you just have to find the perfect platform for you to continue doing what you truly love.

Be certain that your background references are as solid as ever. You may be a good reggae fusion artist but the challenge in here is to keep your musical identity intact. What is also vital is that you are doing all of these things not for money alone. That will prevent you from being a work slave of other people.

Become a song writer one way or another. Yes, you will not be able to please most people in the beginning but the challenge can really make you a better person. So, welcome that with open arms and just see where it leads you. Simply establish who you are as an artist and you are good to go.

You should manage to stay humble as much as you can. Again, a lot of temptations will be around you from this point onwards. You could only rely on yourself to stay exactly the way you are. Always keep yourself reminded that the end goal in here is not fame alone. You are doing this for the love of music.

Be ready to become constant to your music no matter where you get placed in the world. Remember that you are trying to bring back something which used to be golden in the past. Thus, the tunes would have to become nostalgic one way or another. You also need to establish your brand no matter what happens.

Have two songs in the past and these people will not mind. If you have managed to build them up, then they will just go with the flow, dance to the rhythm and forget the world. Remember that this might be one of the reasons why they chose to be your audience tonight. Allow everybody to completely relax and have fun before reality sinks in.

Sing the songs that are popular in your area. Remember that this can be your way of promoting your humble country. If you are given the chance to sing all over the world, do not forget where you came from. Recognize your roots because this is how you can easily get the support of everyone you know.

It will also help when you have memorized some local words for out of town gatherings. Never fake it with your audience as much as possible. If you find it hard to speak their dialect, then apologize for your mispronunciation of some words. Be friendly but do not make it seem that you are trying too hard.

Overall, just let the groove bring out the musician in you. One may be the one producing the song but allow the words to bring you to your element. If these moments truly make you happy, hold on them as much as you can.

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