Waco Flea Markets, Nearby Outlets And Thrift Stores

By William Thomas

When it comes to holiday shopping, most often people spend a great deal of money. While this is the case, there are ways in which to find great gifts at a discount. One way to obtain unique gifts at a discount is by shopping at Waco flea markets, a nearby outlet mall and thrift stores.

For, while minimal for such a big city, the three area markets have a lot to offer. While this is the case, only one is styled after traditional flea markets. Whereas, the other are two offer a great deal of vintage goods, antiques and collectibles.

While most traditional flea markets are only open on weekends, Jen's Bazaar is open seven days a week. For, the owner knows that there are also those working on weekends also like to find good deals. As such, this small market is open when most others are closed.

When it comes to Treasure City, there are often reports that the bathrooms could be cleaner. At the same time, a number of people claim to have found awesome bargains. In addition, it appears the walk through the market is an enjoyable one for most visitors.

The LaSalle Shoppes are more of a local outlet mall rather than a flea market. At the same time, the store has a lot of antiques, collectibles and vintage goods. In addition, located on LaSalle Blvd, it is conveniently located just off the main freeway. As such, it is popular and often quite busy, especially on weekends.

Whether desiring to visit an antique mall, outlet mall, thrift or vintage store, Waco has a lot to offer. For, whether living in the area or visiting, there are many areas in which those these stores are located. To find out more about stores in particular neighborhood, one can visit the local visitor's center, or do a general online search which will often provide more insight on different stores, products and operating hours.

If visiting the local visitor center in downtown Waco, be sure and check out the retro candy store, wine bar, local shops and the historic dine-in theater. For, while the wine bar and some shops are quite new, the theater has been located at the same place for several decades. Whereas, Sugar Baby offers everything from custom soda floats with ice cream flavors such as banana pudding and Jack Daniels to candies from the late 1800s to present.

When in central Texas, art lovers can also find a number of galleries and ten obscure and unique museums. While the galleries often feature local artists, museums cover everything from art, science and history to one related to the Texas Rangers. In many cases, there are discount days at various locations. As such, it can often be good to check the website of any museum of interest for discount, exhibit information and hours of operation.

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